Listnoir is a crypto-futurist and retro-futurist underground art listing and film noir review site, with associated Substack, Telegram, and Twitter accounts. We'll curate a link gallery of underground art supportable with a variety of sci-fi money, as well as reviewing old sci-fi, spy-fi, and film noir of our choosing.



All forms of media with a budding new 'underground' will be considered for inclusion, from music, to illustration, comics, novels, independent film—name it. The only hard requirements for having an artwork listed on Listnoir wlil be the following:

  1. The artwork must be directly experienceable through a link to a public web page, at least in part (music, film, or novel, for example, can be an excerpt), requiring no logins, no registration, nor the collection of any private information to access. And it can't be annoying to view logged out, either, with half the screen blocked by login requests, which means: no Facebook.

  2. The artwork's acceptability to today's oversensitive mainstream outlets must be in question for some reason. Is it the sort of thing that might have been appreciated in the '60s or the '90s, but could easily get mass-flagged for deletion by pearl re-clutchers of the '20s? Link it to us.

  3. The artist must show crypto-independence by accepting, as donation or payment for the specific artwork under consideration, at least two entirely chain-separate forms of cryptocurrency—perhaps eventually three or more, if the size of the crypto-indie scene makes flood-control measures necessary.

  4. We must respect the artistic skill involved. We aren't going to post a children's scribble just because it accepts more than one cryptocurrency. Besides, this won't be a family site. It will be for adults who like their envelope pushed.



Once accepted, each artwork will be listed on Listnoir.org. Sometimes, a chat regarding an artwork will develop on its detail page between our pseudonymous founders, as if they are viewing it in a secret gallery. Artworks will be ranked in order from the highest crypto-independence to the lowest, according to an easily auditable point system, like so:

If the same cryptocurrency is accepted for an artwork in multiple places, say, on a social media platform as well as on the artist's own website, we will only give it the highest of the two scores, rather than count that crypto twice.

Each artwork's total crypto-independence ranking will be listed prominently, next to its title, and with the possible exception of a 'new listings' feature at the top, Listnoir.org will be sorted in rank-descending order.



Listnoir is a list of art—not people. So if you are an artist who produces a lot of interesting, transgressive, multi-crypto-supportable art, your work may indeed get featured repeatedly. For security reasons, though, we cannot yet take private submissions at this time, so please hit us up publically with any interesting links to crypto-art (and don't worry about staying 'on topic', just reply to any post) on our Twitter or Substack.

Keep in mind, however, that we will only consider artwork that is already hosted with payment elsewhere. No payment addresses of any kind will ever be listed directly on Listnoir itself—which is, after all, intended as just a list of cool shit, at heart. But hey, at least your artwork will get a nifty thumbnail on Listnoir.org, along with a detail page of its own featuring an expanded thumbnail, plus an excerpt of any text, and links to the source as well as the artist's main sites and profiles.

Artists in our group may themselves host crypto-accepting works of art elsewhere that end up listed on Listnoir.org, and that fact will always be disclosed on the relevant artworks' detail pages.